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2015 Goals

  • Collection of all 375 homeowners association dues
  • Management of association finances
  • Continue managing and growing interest on all reserve accounts / 3 CD's
  • Lawn cutting, mulch, and maintenance of association green space and facilities
  • Pond maintenance and algae control
  • Pool/Splash Pad lifeguard management for the summer
  • Organization of the annual "clean-up day" (Saturday May 16, 2015 -- 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. -- meet at the Recreation Area shelter. The "rain out" make-up date would be Saturday May 23, 2015)
  • Replacement of pool umbrellas as needed, additional umbrellas needed for 2015 (3+)
  • Pond clean-up during the "clean-up day" activities
  • Broken sign replacement / repair as needed (currently 1)
  • Replacement of one door and casing on the poolhouse (vandalism)
  • Website updates using a volunteer resident / website expert

2015 Projects

  • Reseal or repave the recreation area parking lot (original is pre-1990)
  • Dog dropping management station near the recreation area entrance
  • Painting of the pool house bathrooms

Future Projects Considered For 2015 and Beyond

  • New security cameras installed around the pool, tennis courts and recreation area
  • A new playground /swings / climber for residents
  • Addition of power boxes at the front entrance
  • Addition of two aerators / fountains for the front ponds (run on a timer / seasonally)
  • Additional bench seating along the two front ponds (3-6)
  • Other ideas? PLEASE LET US KNOW!